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/laughs for 500 years/

Don’t laugh 18 porn blogs followed me :,-(


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tmi tag

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1. What are you wearing?
pajamas because today is laundry day

2: Ever been in love?
don’t think so

3: Ever had a terrible breakup?

4: How tall are you?
167 cm

5: How much do you weigh?
probs like 82 again cos i ate out and im so full blueghghgh

6: Any tattoos?
I wish but I’m too poor OTL

7: Any piercings?

8: OTPs?
as many as you can get out sekaiho

9: Favorite shows?
legend of the seeker, all those crime shows like csi/ncis/border patrol

10: Favorite bands?
exo, got7 fml, i tend to like solo artists more?? like jj lin/wang leehom/wakin chau/matsushita yuya/rly old terrible music that parents play on long car trips

11: Something you miss?
working in fast food

12: Favorite Song?
zhang liyin’s timeless \O/ the liyin feels are strong and her new single’s coming out soonnnnnn

13: How old are you?
i turned 20 in january aww yiss

14: Zodiac sign?

15: Qualities you look for in a partner?

altruistic, with a good dose of common sense. prerequisite: chinese because parents said so. optional: be good with kids.

16: Favorite quote?
"wut" - basically me after every class

17: Favorite actor?
lee minho

18: Favorite color?
green/dark blue/purple~

19: Loud music or soft?
def soft

20: Where do you go when you’re sad?
I don’t go to places when I’m sad

21: How long does it take you to shower?
like 20 mins if I’m washing my hair

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
30 mins

23: Ever been in a physical fight?
all the time with my siblings lawl

24: Turn ons?
son just buy me food

25: Turn offs?
selfish, arrogant and insensitive people

26: The reason I joined Tumblr?
I was trying to find a pic to show someone and google kept taking me to tumblr??

27: Your biggest fear?
can I just not fail a class again

28: Last thing that made you cry?
when my grandma passed away

29: Last time you said you loved someone?
this morning when someone got some stuff for me in class

30: Meaning behind your Tumblr name?
joonmyun is a kittyyyyy

31: Last book you read?
the online version of the New Zealand formulary

32: The book you’re currently reading?
not reading a book but I’m reading a research paper called pharmacodynamic factors of antibiotic efficacy and I’m going to die from sheer boredom ugghhhgh

33: Last show you watched?
it’s okay that’s love lmao

34: Last person you talked to?
I said hi to my flatmate

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted?
my other flatmate cos I was dyeing her hair

36: Favorite snack?
recently it’s been rice balls

37: Places you want to visit?
gz, china

38: Last place you were?
in a lecture theatre being lectured on nomograms fml

39: Do you have a crush?

40: Last time you kissed someone?
in june

41: Last time you were insulted?

42: Favorite flavor of candy?
anything mango or passionfruit

43: What instruments do you play?
used to play keyboard

44: Favorite piece of jewelry?
this necklace I got for my 20th? the pearl is egg-shaped lmao

45: Last sport you played?

46: Last song you sang?
jay chou’s “rainbow”

47: Favorite chat up line?

lel what is chat up line

48: Have you ever used it?

49: Last time you hung out with someone?
I went to lunch with friends

50: Who should answers these questions next? uhh suhobos, affxtionism, cutiekeytootie, parrotsehun yeahh taggin people I don’t tag a lot


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